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Carle Green Bike Fit Consultant. Revolutionary War, the Continental Army did not have consistent uniforms, and the problem of distinguishing rank was often difficult. To solve this problem, in July , General George Washington ordered designations of grade for officers and noncommissioned officers. All sergeants were to be distinguished by a red epaulette or a strip of red cloth sewn on the right shoulder and corporals by a green epaulette or strip. Epaulettes continued to distinguish NCOs for years to come.

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  • In , Washington…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. Throughout my life, I have been told that I have a very charismatic personality and I have noticed that people enjoy listening to me for instruction and advice.


    I have been in many situations where I was left in charge as a supervisor due to my knack for teamwork. As a personal trainer and swimming instructor, I learned that is important to make your words count and admit when you are unsure of something.

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    A good leader will not continue to speak when he or she is at a loss for words, and this ensures that when this individual will decide that it is time to speak, everyone else will decide that it is time to listen. A good NCO should also be able to relate to his or her subordinates in an understanding way, while maintaining a position of authority. Throughout my professional career, I have seen soldiers have disputes with their sergeant, after which they are scolded for their mistakes and put down for their misconduct.

    These instances exemplified to me how miscommunications can result in a spiteful and negative attitude, which can lead to idle sections and unproductive military operations.

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    In other instances, when a subordinate made a mistake, he felt comfortable enough to notify his NCO, because in similar situations of the past, the NCO had shown the proper respect and supportive nature which helped the problem dissipate much quicker and without bruised egos. Because I. Following Simple Instructions Essay commissioned officers in the military, and why it is important to follow leadership whether u are in the military or another form of work in which u are under a form of leadership.