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Show More. Vulnerability, which is also taken to another level by displaying that she is prone to do everything that a man asks her to do; woman, as an individual without a voice. Another one of the stereotypes were how women are appealing for their body parts and their sexuality rather than their personality.

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It was made evident in the movie that women are also used for their femininity, which is what makes them women — different from men. One of the images that struck me was the Gucci advertisement.

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A guy knelt before a girl, in a way where he was worshipping, what makes her feminine in her body. It was even more disappointing when I realized that her face was not shown in the advertisement but just everything below her neck. It is again very evident that women are used as sex symbols and sex objects. Same concept applies in the music media as well, where Ghostface raps about the specific body parts of a woman in the most degrading and disrespectful ways a man ever could!

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The only difference between the. Read More. Words: - Pages: 7. Words: - Pages: 6.

Words: - Pages:. Words: - Pages: 4. Essay Women 's Influence On The Music Industry gaps, long legs, flawless skin, silky hair, seductive, submissive, the picture of ideal femininity is constantly portrayed in music videos and is quite difficult to obtain in real life. Words: - Pages: 8. Essay The Media 's Influence On Women 's Rights Society portrays women as stereotypical models of idealistic standards on how they should look and act. Popular Essays. Animated music videos have the most subliminal imagery out of all music video styles.

Both music videos contain aesthetic cartoon animation.

How Women are Represented in Hip Hop Videos Paper

Parody: This music video style is all known for its humour and bizarre influences. Parodies are usually made out of the most viral videos as most audiences will be able to relate. Subtitles are put out throughout the music video so that viewers will able to understand the jokes and the funny lines that they are trying to put out. Narrative: Narrative music videos are recognisable for its deep story-telling and backstory. This allows audiences to interpret the music and the music video in many different ways.

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The original song mainly covers about J. Cole having doubtful thoughts about being in a relationship with a woman, but the music video expands upon a teenager finding out that his mother is having affairs with another man, which causes him to grow anger inside and run. Music with lyrical content are usually useful for narrative music videos as they can be illustrated in numerous ways, as long as audiences are able to understand and interpret in some way.

Narrative music videos. This is effective in music videos as it creates synchronisation between the music and the footage.

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It makes the music video a lot more cohesive as having cuts in between beats would make the music video somehow hard to comprehend. There has to be some sort of variance in between the transition of clips. These effects can either be the overlay aspect or the actual animation effects e. Overlays are used to enhance the lighting or the background of the music video.

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There are various overlays available on YouTube that are available to be downloaded. Overlays are added by altering its blending options. Special Effects are very different to overlays. Instead of adding colours on top of the clips, they amend the colours of the actual clips themselves. This is a lot more difficult than overlays, especially when the music video has a high resolution. An example of a music video that implements. From onwards, the singer himself is covered in flames. This is created through motion tracking.

Motion tracking uses accelerometers and various physics technology to generate movement illustrations. High frame rate videos are usually larger in data as they contain more moving images.

How Women are Represented in Hip Hop Videos Essay Example

Sometimes when the velocity of a high frame rate footage is decreased, it outputs a flashing effect. This is caused by the lighting of the room, as it interrupts the video. Rise in popularity in connection with the intro mainstream recognition over time Pictures the represent negative themes placed next to appropriate quote Scholarly article material supporting similarities of lyrical messages between hip-hop and pop, country, and alternative rock Music videos: Young Forever- Jay-Z Never Forget You- Lupe Fiasco Not Afraid- Eminem Live While Were Young- One Direction Mercy- Dave Matthews Band Springsteen-Eric Church Text in between each comparison of music videos, explaining the specific themes of each song.

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