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Morally, justice must always be preferred to equality. Justice cannot ever permit sparing some guilty person, or punishing some innocent ones, for the sake of equality-because others have been spared or punished. The penalty must be appropriate to the seriousness of the crime p.

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Capital punishment varies from country to country, place to place. Some places it is just fast beheading or hanging, while in other places, it is full of torture and slow death. But only for very serious crimes such as rape and murder.

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Also, the death penalty could eradicate the problem of overflowing prisons. If they keep prisoners for life in their prisons, that would mean providing space for them to stay, food, shelter, clothing, etc. The prisoners with life sentences could still kill other prisoners or guards while in prison and could even escape and go on a killing rampage throughout the place.

It also prevents other inmates in prison serving life sentences from killing more people while in prison, because if there is no death penalty, then they would keep killing without having anything to lose. Also the crime rate will swell, as the criminal will not fear death penalty as there is no death penalty and they could go about killing people without having to fear the capital punishment. On the other hand, Capital punishment means that they could be taking some innocent persons life without much evidence.

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For example, a person who is accused of doing a major crime, but has not really done it and cannot prove himself will be put to death for his crime. So it takes the lives of innocent people in rare cases and in old ages.

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But due to the technological advances, DNA testing and other ways of getting evidence can make certain that the accused is the real criminal. People also say that the death penalty is a barbaric act, but the criminal committing the crime does not think about barbaric acts while committing the crime.

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But keeping a person in prison could be more torturous and painful and it would be better for the prisoner to die rather than live in the prison, so then keeping the criminal in prison would be a much more severe punishment than the death penalty. Also people who have given up on life and wanting to suicide, can go on a killing rampage and then get sentenced for capital punishment, which is what they want.

So it would be better if they kept them in prison to not fulfill their desire. Other countries which do not use the death penalty would have better likeness of the countries which do not use the death penalty.

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Death penalty is associated with both pros and cons as it is examined below. Some of the cons of capital punishment include the following;. Death penalty is a great burden to taxpayers financially because the actual cost of carrying out capital punishment is approximated to be times higher than leaving the offender in prison for as many years as possible.

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The process of reaching the final ruling as to whether to hang the criminal is too long because it entails numerous appeals, detailed procedures as well as legal wrangling which drags the entire process as the accused can be tried for a period longer than 20 years. All this detailed process requires substantial funding to facilitate various court officials ranging from attorney general, judges, court clerks and other vital facilities required in court. Similarly capital punishment is quite unusual and barbaric and more so it violates the right to live which is God given and it is only God who has the ultimate power to claim any life.

Most methods used to administer the punishment are very cruel for instance hanging the culprit, use of electric chair and even detaining the victim in a gas chamber. Death sentence is associated with psychological torture and stress to the family of the prisoner because it makes the family cease to see one of its loved members an incident that brings double suffering to affected family. One of the reason for using this type of punishment is that it helps minimize crime it sounds a great warning to other people who may have the motive of engaging in criminal offence thus the vice which would have been rampant is reduced by some great margins.

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It also serves as the best form of punishment for prisoners serving life imprisonment because when left he can instigate the killing of other prisoners serving short sentence. It is also paramount to note that death penalty helps in solving overpopulation in prisons and preventing future occurrence of similar crime. It can be concluded that there are many pros and cons associated with death penalty but convincingly it can be agreeable that the cons outweighs the pros for instance it is unanimously acceptable that human life is God given and there is no any person or state which has been given the mandate to pass such type of prosecution.

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