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Apply Now Bradley Application Periods Bradley University offers three admission periods for freshman fall applications. Requirements Complete application Official copy of high school transcripts sent to Bradley directly from your high school. One letter of recommendation is recommended, but not required. In some cases, more letters may be helpful. Consolidated mark sheets are not accepted. Transcripts prepared by the college or institute where the study has been completed are not accepted in place of university mark sheets.

On a temporary basis we will accept university mark sheets that have been attested by the college or institute, if they are stamped, signed and submitted in a sealed, official envelope and prepared by an authorized official of the institute. Applicants from China are required to submit official transcripts, graduation diploma, and degree certificate in Chinese with official, literal translations in English. All scores should be sent directly to Bradley University.

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Applicants who are eligible for a waiver of English language proficiency must meet one of the following requirements:. Audience Tools Search.

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The Graduate School. Application Information Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university or the international equivalent, prior to beginning graduate study. Once you have been admitted to the Graduate School, it is necessary to complete additional steps in order to have your SEVIS record transferred to Bradley University: Inform the International Student Advisor or Designated School Official at the institution you are currently attending of your intention to transfer to Bradley University and complete any transfer out forms if applicable.

Passport ID pages Financial Certification F-1 and J-1 students only International applicants intending to enter the United States on an F-1 student or J-1 exchange visitor visa are required to document the availability of funds to support their education and living costs for the extent of their program two years. Please include required documentation attached see form for details.

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For J-1 students: Proof of funding for the entire length of your program. Email bugrad bradley. Apply Now. Admission Requirements For F-1 transfer students, please note the section below for additional requirements.

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Admission Essays Applicants must provide a short admission essay on each of the following topics: Explain achievements and work experience that you consider relevant to your interest in and capacity for graduate study. Briefly state your career objectives and how the graduate program you have selected will assist you in attaining these goals.

Admission Requirements

A below-average GPA can often be offset by good letters of recommendation, high test scores, and a well-written personal statement. Letters of Recommendation Most schools ask for three to five letters of recommendation.

Admissions committees prefer references from faculty who can evaluate your academic performance and graduate school potential. Approach faculty members early in the fall of your senior year to give them time to write before their other academic pressures mount. Schedule meetings with your recommendation writers to discuss your reasons for going to graduate school and why you are applying to specific programs.

Provide an abstract of courses taken and grades received, projects completed, and a concise description of graduate school and career plans.

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Letters of Recommendation should outline specific accomplishments that you have achieved and should tie into why you are an exceptional candidate. Standardized Test Scores The school's catalog will specify which test you need and often indicate what is considered to be a competitive score. Some schools may require other tests, or specialized tests for various professional degree programs.

Application Process

Test registration deadlines are well in advance of the actual test dates, and most are given only a few times annually. Due to increased competition for admission and financial assistance, it will work to your advantage to take the appropriate standardized test early in your application process. Policies regarding taking the test more than once, and whether scores are averaged or if the highest score alone is considered vary from institution to institution so make sure and ask the admissions office.

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Personal Interviews More and more graduate schools include personal interviews as part of the overall application process.