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Read More. The local council is planning to close a football ground down near you because it is in disrepair. You and other residents disagree with this and want. Animals A growing number of people feel that animals should not be exploited by people and that they should have the same rights as humans, while others argue that humans must employ animals to satisfy their various needs, including uses for food and research. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Discuss the main arguments for this statement and give your own opinion.

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To what extent do you agree with this statement? To what extent do you agree or disagree? How important is it to maintain old buildings? Should history stand in the way of progress? Do you agree or disagree?

What is your opinion? To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why is global warming a problem? What can be done to reduce the dangers of global warming? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution?

IELTS Writing Task 2: Discuss Both Views (and give opinion) - Answering Cambridge IELTS 8 Test 1

Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today. To what extent to you agree of disagree? Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Discuss the causes and effects of this disturbing trend.

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Eating a balanced diet is the most important factor for a healthy life. To what extent do you agree? To what extent to you agree?

IELTS Writing Questions for Task 2

Stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world. To what extent do you agree with this view? Explain the reasons for this and discuss any possible effects it may have on society. Levels of youth crime are increasing rapidly in most cities around the world. What are the reasons for this, and suggest some solutions. Smokers have rights too, so they should be allowed to smoke in public places. To what extent do you agree with this viewpoint? Discuss both opinions and give your opinion. Discuss both opinions and give your opinion?

The introduction will consist of the main point to be made; the summary is simply a paraphrasing of the introduction. A neat bundle with a beginning and ending is very satisfying to the reader. Be sure that your answer is direct and really answers the question. It is better to say "Toward the end of the 19th century" then to say "in " when you can't remember whether it's or , though approximate, may be incorrect, and will usually be marked accordingly.

Analyse, Explain, Identify… 22 essay question words and how to answer them

When possible, avoid very definite statements. A qualified statement connotes a philosophic attitude, the mark of an educated man. The following words are commonly found in essay test questions. Understanding them is essential to success on these kinds of questions.

How to Prepare for an Essay Exam

Study this sheet thoroughly. Know these words backwards and forwards. Please update your web browser or disable Compatibility View. Tips on Writing the Essay-type Examination The well-organized, neat-appearing individual will usually get the nod over another equally capable person who is disorganized and careless in appearance. Identify similarities and differences. Comparisons generally ask for similarities more than differences. See Contrast. Set in opposition. Contrast: Discuss the differences in two or more given subjects. Criticize: Explain the value of a finding or theory.

Include both negative and positive aspects based on implementation. Describe: Use exact detail to explain a given term.

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This may call for the use of examples, definitions, or discussion of the term. Diagram: Use a visual representation of relevant information to explain implementation of a term. This usually calls for an explicit chart or graph which is thoroughly labelled. In some cases it may call for a detailed plan as well. Discuss: The literal meaning of discuss is talk about. To do this in an exam you must thoroughly explain your subject with words.

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Enumerate: Form a list of relevant points and explain each point. This may result in an outline like answer.

Evaluate: Discuss the pros and cons of the application of your given subject from a professional point of view. This differs from criticize because personal opinion should be avoided unless instructions specify otherwise. Explain: Define the given material and give examples of how and why it is important to the subject. Illustrate: Use a visual aid or a clearly defined example to explain a given subject. Interpret: Explain the given question, include you personal feelings on the subject as well as a solution. Justify: Use factual information to argue you view of the situation presented in a given problem.

List: Brief but thorough list of information that explains the given topic. Outline: much like writing an outline for a paper. Answer the question by creating an outline that highlights the main ideas and key points of those ideas. Prove: Discuss the topic in a way that readers are convinced to support or reject the idea discussed. This is done through presentation of facts or the step by step illustration of logical thinking. Relate: Discuss the connection between two or more events, people, problems, etc… Review: Close examination of a problem accompanied by brief comments that explain the main points.

State also Give, Specify, or Present : Explain the major points of a subject in brief for. There is typically no need for further explanation. Summarize: Create a brief description that highlights the major points of your subject. Trace: Explain the progress of the given subject from conception to current date.

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  • Highlight anything that is considered a major topic as well as the reason for any changes. Brian Stocker MA. Become a Memorization Master 7 October, Written by, Brian Stocker MA. Every thing was educational. Had a good feeling on how to deliver good papers.