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Eleven of these countries were in Africa, which totaled about 37 million people. Since , South Sudan has experienced ongoing conflict, which has caused an increase in food insecurity. Environmental challenges—including erosion, desertification, deforestation, and drought and water shortages—can have detrimental impacts on food security. In , 23 countries experienced food crises due to climate and weather conditions.

Two-thirds of these countries were in Africa, affecting approximately 32 million people. As stated above, the causes of hunger are often intertwined. For example, in , Uganda faced food insecurity due to a drought that occurred in During this period, Uganda was already experiencing food insecurity due to an influx of refugees Food Security Information Network, Many of these challenges are man-made.

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Deforestation, for example, is caused by humans seeking new places to live, farm, or obtain firewood. Drought, water shortage and desertification in Africa all reduce agricultural productivity and thus food availability. As mentioned above, there is a clear connection between conflict and hunger, but poor governance and policies also lead to hunger due to insufficient access to food. Many countries have seen progress in reducing hunger among their citizens after implementing policies that increase food security.

For example, in the early s, Ethiopia invested in agricultural research and extension, leading to increases in food availability. This increased investment in infrastructure helped move crops to markets, increasing food access IFPRI, Consuming poor-quality food can lead to malnutrition. Policies such as food fortification programs can increase the availability of nutritious foods. The implementation of iodine fortification programs in countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe have been successful Mijumbi, Africa has the highest population growth rate among world regions; between and , it grew at a rate of 2.

World Hunger: A Moral Response

It is estimated that more than half of the global population growth between now and will occur in Africa United Nations, Building resilience for peace and food security. Rome, FAO. What are the causes of hunger? Conflict Conflict and violence can have direct and indirect impacts on all levels of the food system, leading to food insecurity and hunger. Environment Environmental challenges—including erosion, desertification, deforestation, and drought and water shortages—can have detrimental impacts on food security. Some Other Factors Governance As mentioned above, there is a clear connection between conflict and hunger, but poor governance and policies also lead to hunger due to insufficient access to food.

Ending famines and chronic hunger requires good governance. International Food Policy Research Institute. The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World Building climate resilience for food security and nutrition. Global Report on Food Crises, Accessed September 5, Mijumbi, Rhona.

The World Bank. United Nations. Accessed September 5, Sustainable Development Goals. Accessed September 5, World Food Programme. What Causes Hunger? Accessed September 5, World Population Review.

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Africa Population If its present rate of growth of 2. We will write a custom essay sample on World Hunger And Poverty or any similar topic only for you. Although Brazil is rich in natural resources and has significant economic growth, most of the benefits have gone to the rich.

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  4. Forty percent of the population is under fifteen years of age, and unemployment is high. Population growth in the cities has made it difficult for the government to provide education, health care, water, sanitation, food, and housing for the poor. What steps if any, should be taken to provide for the poor and needy people in this country?

    The current economic crisis shaking the global economy has prompted many nations to review their economic policies to cope with the challenges of minimizing the impact of recession brought about by instability of securing markets, associated demand and questionable production supply and raw materials.

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    It must be understood that the resources that are provided are finite in relation to the needs and wants of human beings. This mismatch is a problem that must be dealt with immediately and effectively because if this is allowed to continue there will not be enough for everyone and the basic needs for survival cannot even be provided adequately. As the Brazilian model has shown, the country does not even have the basic provisions that are necessary for survival.

    The population is suffering and the government is unable to make any lasting progress because of the problems that it is facing. Key to finding a lasting solution is in understanding the root cause of the problem. A quick look at the world population reveals that while global economies are reeling from one economic uncertainty to the next, the need for goods and services of their respective populace are increasing as rapidly as their population increases and matures.


    This brings to mind the fact that as long as there is poverty, peace is hardly attainable; and if governments do not secure the basic needs, peace and stability may never become a reality Issit 2. From this, it is clear that there is an urgent need for the governments all over the world to curb if not control the growth of their respective populations. This can be best explained by a simple supply and demand model.

    When there is a shortage of supply and the demand for the good remains constant. This simply means that there is less of the good that is available and the same number of people wants the good. This can be likened to a bidding war where there is only one item and people offer the seller as much as they can to be able to attain it thus raising the price and eliminating all those who do not have enough resources to compete. Conversely, when there is an oversupply and the demand remains constant, the equilibrium price falls. Analogous to this would be the growth of the population and the increase of demand with the supply remaining the same or even decreasing.

    As such, if the governments are unwilling or unable to deal with the problem there could be widespread hunger and not amount of welfare or government intervention would then be able to alleviate the situation for it would already be too late Issit 2. This concern comes on the heels of the recent UNESCO report showing that while the world is recovering from crisis it still has not addressed the fact that more and more individuals are suffering from hunger and unemployment.